Moved to!

January 31, 2007

Finally moved to… I thank Maestro for the space provided. anyway, my account is

I guess I won’t be blogging using this site anymore…, you have served me well…Lol.


Too bright for me to see…

January 29, 2007

Finally went to get the monitor. A Samsung 17″ SyncMaster 740N LCD monitor. The original price was Php11,790.00. but then I got lucky cuz it went less 1,000.00 promo. I paid Php5,000.00 first and pay the rest in 2 months term. The annoying thing was that it is too bright for me to see things properly. But still, it was great.



Now, I have bigger space in my table than I was still using a CRT monitor.

New position

January 28, 2007

Actually, I was bored(as always) this afternoon and tried another position for the system unit and stuff… It looked fine so, I decided to leave it that way. I am getting ready cuz I’ll be getting a 17″ LCD monitor and already reserved a Samsung 17″. But before that, I think I’ll search for an LCD monitor which has a built-in video input so that I won’t need a television for my room. The tv is for connecting my portable DVD player anyway. so, there’s no need for me to have a tv with cable connection. I don’t watch tv that much anyway.



My portable DVD player which was still sleeping since I got it on May 2006.

moving to

January 26, 2007

I know that I don’t review animes too much. The reason I want to move to was that I wanted to try what animeblogger feels like. I post animes, games or figures photos anyway so, there’s nothing wrong joining animeblogger. Already e-mailed maestro about the requirements last week and replied. Thanks to Rdrake for maestro’s e-mail btw.

Anyway, I found something funny after viewing DC’s otakuvids. It’s titled Final Fantasy Otaku. Funny how they imitated FF7’s battle scene…

Saint October

January 25, 2007

Whether it is the future or the past… it is the world of fantasy and horror hiding in the shadow of the demon city. In the city, consecutive mysterious incidents that cannot be solved by science have occurred. To solve the incidents, they gather three girl detectives possessing special abilities.

Hayama Kotono. She is an orphan living in a convernt.
Shirafuji Natuski. She is Kotono’s classmate and a pop idol.
Hijiri Misaki. She is a mysterious girl who fights against nightmares of her previous life.

Those who want to bring the Judgment Day to the world.
Those who want to save the world.
Which is justice, and which is evil?

When Kotono encounters a boy who lost his memory, the wheel of the story begins to move but slowly. Then, solving the mysteries, the three girls will confront the fate that will influence the existence of the human beings.

OP Theme: Wheel of Fortune by Azusa Kataoka, Yukari Fukui & Yu


ED Theme: Michi naru Baso e by Yukari Fukui

Taken from ANN & AniDB

I am planning to purchase an 17″ LCD Monitor…

The shop where I buy some pc parts offers installment method when buying any home appliances including computer sets. I could buy a 17″ LCD Monitor for Php2,500.00 a month and it would take 4 months to pay it completely cuz it costs about Php 9k-ish… I guess I’ll have to sacrifice my toys/figs spendings and save money! OK, Mark me word… I won’t buy Toys/Figs for 5 months!not unless I change my mind though.

Why I am planning to buy one was because:
1. It saves space.
2. Many will drool over you…(NoT!)
3. CRT Monitors are OBSOLETE! (If you’d ask me…)
4. I don’t need to worry about how the table could support the monitor in the future since it’s not as heavy as CRTs.
5. Lastly, It looks cool when paired by a desktop type case. Too bad my processor is only Celeron D 2.66Ghz. Much better if it was either Pentium D or Core 2 Duo (either were expensive @ Php10k-ish)… Celeron D 2.66Ghz is just fine anyway, much better than my previous Pentium 4 2.4Ghz.

Anyway, looking forward to have it soon… I’ll update after getting one…

BTW, which is better? 15in or 17in LCD Monitor? And the brand? Pls give me an advice. thanks